Black Pearl Cup - How to

Black Pearl Cup is multievent for stormy days. Competitors use Woo for jump height+hangtime and GPS device for speed measuring 5*10 sec average.

Both Woo2 and Woo3 are suitable devices for jump height and hangtime. For GPS Speed GT-31, GW-52 or GW-60 are highly recommended, but for Black Pearl Cup we also accept Android phones with GpsLogIT app (Unknown sources needs to be enabled in phone settings) and iPhone GPX Trail Tracker app. NB! Check that SBP file format and km/h options are turned on for GpsLogIT before recording session! GPX file format is used with other devices and if compatible, speed data will be imported to the competition.

Winner score is calculated based on place points in each event separately. First place is 0.7 and second to the end the place itself.

To participate in Black Pearl Cup do this:

  1. Buy ticket to the competition
  2. Upload your jumping session to Woo leaderboard
  3. Upload your speed session file to SpeedPirate.COM.
  4. That it, all done. The winner takes it all!

Welcome and have a strong wind!

For bank transfer of ticket price 10€ please use:
Receiver: Chiltepin OÜ
Receiver’s bank account: IBAN EE587700771002881572, SWIFT LHVBEE22
Description: Black Pearl Cup