Welcome to 10th anniversary season of 2021!

Powered by Coros Vertix and Apex Pro, Locosys GW-60, GW-52 and GT-31.

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Upload your session SBN, SBP or GPX file here. PS! Please delete old history in device always before starting new session!

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We respect nature and its fruits, Frizza


CBD oil is a healthy remedy rich in minerals, vitamins, flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids cureisland.com


All you need for kiteboarding: kites, boards, harnesses, leashes, pumps, wetsuits, repair parts, and any accessory you need. Kitesurf equipment and repair by Miniloots

Anniversary season 2021

Use your favourite windsurfing or kitesurfing equipment to compete in SpeedPirate competition of different speed distances.

Monthly Honey jar

Monthly and yearly winners will share the loot! Use GW-60, GW-52 or GT-31 - devices with minimum 1 Hz and Doppler speeds only.

Estonian Speed Records

Unlimited session upload to the adventure only €1 per month. Together with Eesti Lohesurfiliit Speed EMV for kitesurfers included!